WEBGATE - High Definition Surveillance Systems

Prior to HD quality, CCTVs recordings are far from ideal. It is often grainy or patchy, especially in low light conditions. Very often, these recordings are not able to produce a clear enough image and hence not admissible in court, failing the very purpose of having a security system. Webgate’s range of HD-CCTV captures 1080i60, 1080p30 resolution, producing sharp visuals that are usable and will no longer reduce your costly CCTV network to just that of a mental deterrence.

Adopting HD-SDI and EX-SDI as the standard for video transmission, a Full High Definition (1080p 30 fps) video feed can be transmitted with no compromise of frame rates and low latency. Besides the ability to support very long distances there are other advantages of using HD-SDI or Ex-Sdi for your surveillance needs. They are :

  1. HD-SDI cameras deliver the highest quality HD live views. Since no compression is required for transmission and there is no IP LAN in between the camera and a monitor on the local site, HD-SDI cameras provide true HD live views.
  2. HD-SDI cameras and DVR's are as easy as regular analog CCTV cameras and DVRs to install and set up.
  3. HD-SDI cameras and DVRs can normally be installed using existing cabling.
Adopting H.264 high profile Codec, Webgate’s CCTV and DVR shows better video compression performance over the entire range of bitrates when compared to competitors’ products. At lower bitrates (< 4Mbps), Webgate’s HD DVR needs only half of competitors products’ bitrates to show a similar video quality.

The HD DVR’s codec starts its compression even before images fully fill up the memory and finishes the compression by the time images fill up the memory completely. The SLL technology is optimized for network transmission and video monitoring within a local network has a low latency of approximately 270ms. Making it an excellent option for any real time monitoring or mission critical workflows.