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Find Evidence.
Enhance Security.

Nuvola is a leading supplier of hardware and software solutions that enhances situational awareness and improves mission effectiveness across a wide variety of mission types on airborne, land-based and maritime platforms.


SURVEY from the air
MONITOR on land
EXPLORE the water like never before

Fundamental to Nuvola's approach to designing and implementing ISR solutions is to incorporate reliability, flexibility, intuitiveness and effectiveness over various forms of connectivity. Whether it is using drone technology to ROVs (Remote Operated Underwater Vehicles), our solutions ensure that mission critical and sensitive video is captured clearly, transmitted reliably and stored securely.


Click, search and find. Featuring Anti-motion Blurring, Smart backlight
Compensation, intelligent brightness control and 3D digital noise reduction, you
can track intruder access over various lighting and environmental conditions.

Our standard Video Management System features an easy-to use and powerful user interface. It also helps you solve crime faster, resolve IT headaches and gain business intelligence. We offer uncompressed video surveillance with ultra low latency and no loss of frame rate. Bundled with our range of hybrid and network video recorders, or as a standalone software for your best-in-class IT servers


Customized monitoring using Computer Vision and AI

Nuvola's Video Analytics solutions utilizes the latest computer vision and AI technologies to provide a more customized Video Tracking and Security System for our customers. Visit our Video Analytics page to find out more.

Key Product Offerings for this Industry

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Sleek, lightweight functional media extenders. Extends all AV signals up to 100m using just a single power source.

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Feature rich, seamless video switcher for any implementations. Modular design enables changing of signal types and intuitively managed by a 7' touch screen panel.

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Full range of uncompressed HD CCTV solutions for all kind of surveillance and security needs.

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Haivision Kraken Transcoder

High performance live video transcoder used in military applications over constrained datalinks. Transcode KLV metadata for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance(ISR) applications.

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Powerful videowall processor built on FPGA technologies for faster and more reliable video transmission. Feature rich and scalable for implementation of 128 inputs X 128 outputs.

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Visual Analytics

Facial recognition, object tracking and monitoring via state of art surveillance solutions that both interpret and predict patterns and behavior, enhancing security, safety and improve work processes.

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