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Streaming video online successfully is essential not only for companies that hope to strengthen and profit from their online presence but for content publishers that wish to stay relevant in the lives of consumers who spend an increasing amount of time online and connected via mobile devices.

However, as the marketplace for online media consumption becomes increasingly complicated, it is difficult for businesses to determine how to stream video on the web without spending unnecessarily on in-house infrastructure and expertise.

Nuvola provides a suite of streaming solutions for different types of organizations to achieve different business or operational objectives. Our solutions are optimized for Low Latency and Secure streaming, Video Cloud Streaming and Management, Internet Streaming and Broadcast Backhaul.


Encrypted video with lowest delay
Reliable over public networks
Highest Quality between premises

Nuvola enables organizations to stream video securely over private or public networks with the lowest latency possible. Our unique solutions and products ensure a reliable quality of service over the most adverse networks without sacrificing video quality. Whether it be Full Motion Video (FMV) for mission critical organizations or streaming live video between medical facilities for collaboration or reviewing procedures, Nuvola provides solutions specifically tailored to our customers' needs.


Communicate your message to anyone, anytime,
everywhere and on any device using Video Cloud
streaming service from Nuvola.

To extend your ministry to viewers online, the Video Cloud streaming service from Nuvola gives congregations a fast, simplified, end-to-end solution by providing a reliable, automated ingest, transcoding and publishing platform for live and on-demand video with powerful analytics to monitor audience engagement and video performance.


Live or recorded content can be viewed over any device over different networks.

Nuvola designs and implement solutions for Internet-based video backhaul which offers a flexible, cost-effective alternative for studios that want to transport video using public Internet connections for on-air interviews, commentary, live events, and monitoring.

Our clients also send video content to the internet using our Internet streaming products to sites such as Youtube, Facebook and our Video Cloud service.


Record and Distribute the highest quality live events and VoD content
to every employee throughout your multi-site organization

Nuvola provides a powerful and scalable media recording, management and distribution solution designed to capture and share video content in real-time for mission-critical decision making and post-event contextual review.

Easily distribute the highest quality live events and VoD content to every employee throughout your multi-site organization without overwhelming your network. Our customized solutions offer the flexibility to use unicast, multicast and peer-to-peer delivery to accommodate virtually any WAN/LAN infrastructure with minimal IT intervention. For users outside of the firewall, organizations can leverage a variety of CDN and hybrid solutions for live and on-demand video to reach remote offices and mobile workforces

Key Product Offerings for this Industry

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Haivision Makito X Encoders / Decoders

Military grade low latency encoders/decoders that are designed for surveillance, video backhaul and multiple site video communication applications. Encryption and low bitrate encoding is supported even over public networks.

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Haivision Video Platform

Secured high quality live or VOD distribution over uni or multicast via CDN to every screen, device within a LAN/WAN network, all without overwhelming your network.

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Kraken Transcoder

High performance live video transcoder used in military applications over constrained datalinks. Transcode KLV metadata for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance(ISR) applications.

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Haivision Kulabyte Encoders / Transcoders

On-premise or cloud based software internet encoder/transcoder, supporting the common internet streaming formats with Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) support.

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Set-Top Boxes

Compact, cost effective and versatile for any IPTV installations. Choice of high bitrate for full HD delivery or lower bitrate for digital signage content.

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Video Cloud

Broadcast live or VOD streams via an intuitive web-based video content and transcoding manager with configurable micro-sites and analytics and report.