Low Latency Streaming

Lowest Latency end to end
Any Network wide-are or local networks
Securelyand SHARE securely

For some of our clients, low latency streaming is not just a nice-to-have, it is a must. Latency is the term we use to determine the delay between the live event as it is happening, compared to when the video or audio appears on the device you are using. While traditionally such requirements exists only in the military, other civilian applications requiring ultra low latency have evolved. These include Security, Medical, Surveillance and Multi-Site communications. Nuvola's experience in delivering crystal clear Full Motion Video (FMV) for our government and military customers in a variety of different types of networks empowers us to offer low latency streaming solutions to such new civilian environments.

While latency is critical, protection of proprietary information and confidentiality can also be of utmost importance in the distribution of video communications. With rich experience in medical and federal environments, which require the highest security standards, Nuvola Media designs and implements video solutions to give our customers the confidence that their content is protected from contribution to distribution. Our solutions feature end-to-end encryption, customizable authentication, Active Directory and LDAP support to ensure that you can control viewership and assign access control to specific internal audiences.


Encrypted video with lowest delay
Reliable over public networks
Highest Quality between premises

Medical facilities around the world have started to integrate low latency video communications into their daily workflows and procedures. Hospitals, clinics and medical universities are taking advantage of video for Clinical Collaborations, Healthcare communications, Integrated Operating Rooms and Clinical training & Assessment.

Nuvola designs and implements low latency video and streaming solutions for all medical needs while keeping in compliance with the certifications ( HIPAA, ISO 13485, IEC60601 ) required and adopted all over the world. We have solutions that facilitate the growth of other applications like Remote Surgical Consultancy, Surgical Recording, Mobile Ambulances and In-House Training.

Broadcast Backhaul

Live content can be transmitted back to Control Center for Analysis or Re-distribution.
Ideal for Live Sports, Movie Production and Live Concerts.

Video and Content providers have always had limited options for dealing with one of the more critical aspects of their video contribution workflows: how to set up reliable circuits for inter-city or remote-to-network connections. The traditional options have been dark fiber, SONET/SDH and satellite.

While these are all appropriate solutions for specific applications, all of these options also have limitations to the operator or content provider, either because of time-consuming circuit setups, the absence of bidirectional connectivity, prohibitively high costs or a combination of all three. Fortunately, the explosive growth of managed Ethernet networks and the demand for video transported via Internet Protocol has opened up whole new set of opportunities.

Cost-effective, managed Ethernet networks, typically with gigabit capacity, are enabling IP transport to become the preferred method for regional and national transport. IP network backbones are now more robust than ever, having been scaled up to support the always-increasing bandwidth requirements

The long list of benefits and the expected continuation of worldwide technological advancements make it the logical way moving forward. Nuvola can custom design a solution to ensure Live content can be sent from anywhere to any location with the lowest latency possible while ensuring the highest level of security. We are able to combine Internet Technology with Mobile Telephony and Technology to help our clients achieve their goals reliably.

Multi-Site Video Communications

Communicate LIVE and seamlessly across borders with outstanding reliability

Nuvola helps our clients deliver low latency high-quality single or dual-stream video to multiple remote venues and vice-versa achieving seamless multi-way communications between them. This end-to-end solution brings together all the components you need, integrating audio visaul equipment, encoders, high speed networks, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and digital signage. Our solution delivers the highest quality HD experience to remote campuses so that your members feel like they are watching at the main location.

Be it two massive campuses, Live concerts happening concurrently in different geographical locations or that all-important remote news interview, Nuvola Media will design and implement solutions that meets our customers' needs. Our solutions work on private secure networks or the public internet ensuring it will meet any security concerns and budget constraints that our clients may have.