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Presenting HDMI - 0401 High Definition HDMI Switcher

The Nuvola-HDMI-0401 is a series of HDMI Switcher that supports 4 HDMI signal inputs and 1 channel HDMI signal output. It is using to operate, with only a front panel button, a RS232 for switching and a LED indicator for transmission status. The HDMI-0401 supports 4K2K and 3D with no loss of image quality during the switching process.

Functional Properties: •Switch 4 channel signal inputs to single channel output.
•Compatible with HDCP, EDID, Blu-ray DVD and HD audio output.
•Support HDMI 1.4a standard.
•Input & output transmission up to 15m.
•Built in equalizer, auto signal detection.

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Presenting HDMI - 0108 High Definition HDMI Splitters

The Nuvola-HDMI-0108 High Definition Splitters distribute and amplify one input channel of HDMI signal into 8 signal output channels. The HDMI- 0108 supports 4K2K and 3D with no loss of image quality. It has EDID self programming to ensure the best display.

Functional Properties: •Supports one channel HDMI signal input and 8 channel HDMI signal outputs.
•Supports HDMI 1.4a, 4K2K@30Hz, 3D format.
•HDCP compliant.
•Support EDID programming.
•Amplifies output signal transmission up to 15m