Next Generation Learning

With the onset of new communication channels and rapid technology adoption, learning has extended beyond the fixed traditional classroom environment into a rich media learning experience that can be accessed from anywhere. Whether capturing content for skills assessment, connecting remote classrooms, extending lectures to students on mobile devices or delivering IPTV & digital signage across campuses, Nuvola provides video and collaborative solutions designed to enrich the learning experience.

Meeting the Education Challenge

The key methods of engaging with material and content would evolve
to be real-time video collaboration and mobile devices

Learning & Assessment - With Nuvola's solutions, you can capture multi-source video sessions, tag important timeline events with metadata while recording, and share those events, live or on-demand, with specific users or groups for instruction or evaluation. Additionally, you can easily aggregate and extract important events to present your content based on predefined themes.

Campus Communications and IPTV - Nuvola's systems are designed for secure media delivery to displays with full administrative control so educational institutions can establish one media system that works across all platforms.

Collaborative Learning

Knowledge anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Modern campuses run on new technologies that have fundamentally changed how educational institutions support everything from research projects to cafeteria dining. Nuvola provides solutions for distance education, collaborative tools (like interactive SMART boards), learning through the Cloud, display devices, facilities management and digital signage.

Key Product Offerings for this Industry

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Sleek, lightweight functional media extenders. Extends all AV signals up to 100m using just a single power source.

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Feature rich, seamless video switcher for any implementations. Modular design enables changing of signal types and intuitively managed by a 7' touch screen panel.

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MediaManager HMDI 88

Reliable high speed 8X8 video switcher. Supports up to 2K/4K resolutions, for HDMI or DVI interfaces. Manageable by AMX, Creston and other controllers.

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Haivision Video Platform

Secured high quality live or VOD distribution over uni or multicast via CDN to every screen, device within a LAN/WAN network, all without overwhelming your network.

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Haivision Makito X Encoders / Decoders

Military grade low latency encoders/decoders that are designed for surveillance, video backhaul and multiple site video communication applications. Encryption and low bitrate encoding is supported even over public networks.

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Video Cloud

Broadcast live or VOD streams via an intuitive web-based video content and transcoding manager with configurable micro-sites and analytics and report.

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