Audio Visual Solutions

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Nuvola Media manifactures and designs market leading AV components and products that combine new-age design, world-class engineering that includes value-orientated and creative innovative design and features.

MediaManager Matrix Switches

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MediaManager Switchers allow you to take video from a large number of sources and distribute them to displays across a building. The Mediamanager Switchers use swappable cards, so you can mix and match the cards for your exact requirements and then upgrade your system as those requirements change.

VideoArray Video Wall Systems

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Nuvola's VideoArray systems can create the best video walls experience, providing the ultimate way to display hundreds of different video sources simultaneously, with an intuitive interface to help control every input and output with ease. Show side-by-side data projections, let video accompany presentations, display announcements or text in different languages.

MediaBoost Extenders

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Nuvola's MediaBoost extenders allow you to send video over long distances without losing video quality. A MediaBoost transmitter is able to send video from the source over great distances to a display over a twisted pair or fiber cable. The receiver converts the video back into HDMI or other types of connectors at the display end.

MediaChange Convertors

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Nuvola's MediaChange converters enable you to connect SD and HD equipment together! With our Universal to Universal convertors, there is no limit to the equipment you can connect.

MediaManager Signal Switches and Splitters

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Distribute or switch video signals to multiple locations and displays

LED Displays

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Nuvola provides reliable and color rich displays for all type of rooms, venues and environments. From large outdoor or indoor LED displays to video wall panels, our clients rely on us to provide the best available in the market today.

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